De-risking the Digital Transformation
Driving the Firm’s profitability through accelerated adoption of Software as a Service leveraging native security controls to enforce business policy

A large, global, Law Firm had a business imperative to increase their profitability. They saw new Cloud Technology providing them an opportunity to harmonize and optimize their business processes resulting in more efficiency and better service to their clients. The Partners saw a Digital Transformation as an immediate opportunity to aggressively move towards their objective. 

The Challenge

The Firm had two serious incidents in the last 12 months. The Partners were increasingly uncomfortable about the new risks and vulnerabilities a digital transformation would introduce. Part of the firm felt they were already dependent on too much technology and they blamed the recent security incidents on the the Partners introducing too much new technology too fast.

The partners reached out to BSA for advice.

The Solution

BSA helped the Partners understand how security could be integrated into their Quality Management System that was driving the Digital Transformation.  We would integrate security features directly within the business policies and processes. 

BSA developed a plan to implement a Information Security Management System (ISMS – in this case ISO 27001) in parallel with the Digital Transformation, ensuring appropriate controls would be established as the technology was integrated and deployed. 

BSA demonstrated how having the Solutions, infrastructure and ISMS delivered in parallel could actually accelerate their transformation. 

BSA also showed how designing the security in from Ideation stage ends up delivering the best user experience and shifts the complexity of security away from the end-user 

BSA also proposed a Outsource model, whereby the Firm can much efficiently acquire certain IT and Cybersecurity services from managed service providers.

The Outcome

The Firm is exceeding it’s business objectives and accomplishing them at a faster pace. 

By leveraging cloud technology the Firm was able to take a Digital-Original strategy for insuring privacy and confidentiality of information. 

The Firm is much more confident they can protect their clients confidential and sensitive data and they also believe that external compromises are far less likely 

The Firm has hired a Virtual CISO who is managing a Virtual Information Security Organization 

The Partners, Lawyers, Associates and staff feel empowered with the new tools and feel the security has become transparent