Identity and Access Program Modernization
Preparing a Large Disparate Healthcare Environment for the Future

A large healthcare and insurance provider with over $15b in revenue is rapidly expanding by acquisition and shifting its focus to providing cloud-based services and distributed capabilities. The current Identity and Access Management program has grown holistically for over 30 years. The team struggles to respond to the business and improve its capabilities. 

We worked with leadership to develop a multi-horizon plan for the future of IAM in the organization to ultimately lead to proactive and predictive next generation IAM services, but first the organization needed to be reformed.  

Like many of our clients, the organization had skilled people working hard every day in a struggle to maintain old processes and deliver broad improvements in a rigid structure via a waterfall methodology. It did not work. 

Our solution, implementing an Agile operating model within the organization, identifying, and refocusing poorly performing processes, and enabling top performers in the organization to provide servant leadership with a customer-focused philosophy and customer-centric organizational model. 

With full commitment of C-Level leadership, a newly formed, enabled, and energized model we assisted our customer in upgrading capabilities via new and improved processes and technologies, move into cloud capabilities, reduce audit and security issues, and now prepare to move into the next-generation predictive capabilities. 


The Challenge

Low customer-satisfaction ratings for Identity and Access Management within the organization. 

Mixed technology environment with poor documentation, low performance, and heavy customization. 

Poorly motivated teams executing inefficiently due to organizational restrictions and technical issues. 

The customer needs to be prepared for future growth, but the existing operational and technical systems were not capable. 

Every need is a new project, over 700 open backlog items in IAM. 

The Solution

Reorganize the IAM team and execution in a customer-focused Agile model led by an IAM transformation office. 

Develop a 3-horizon plan for operation and technical capabilities. 

Implement security and architectural best practices in light weight rapid review processes. 

Score and prioritize the entire backlog. 

Properly document systems. 

IAM architectural orchestration. 

Unify Cloud IAM strategy with enterprise capabilities. 

Operate effectively! 

The Outcome

Decreased customer response time and increased satisfaction scores. 

Increased team interaction, self-determination and resiliency. 

Near immediate reduction of over 300 backlog items and properly prioritized scrums and sprints. 

Clearly prioritized initiatives to address high risk items.  
Actionable plans and capable team for executing unified Cloud, Enterprise, and Customer IAM. 

Modernized and unified IAM access governance capabilities. 

A structure, team, and program enabled for future horizons of identity and access management.