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What is a VCISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) helps organizations who need a comprehensive cybersecurity program but do not have the resources for an in-house, dedicated security team or chief information security officer. With vCISO, organizations can leverage expert security leadership and a supporting team of subject matter specialists to solve unique cybersecurity challenges and help move forward with a comprehensive, cost-effective security program.

Top 5 reasons you need a VCISO

  • 1 Balance Business with Risk. Ability to minimize risks and threats without causing business disruption
  • 2 Manage the rapidly changing threat landscape including security/complaince requirements
  • 3 Planning, Policies and Processes need to be updated to fit the “New Normal”
  • 4 Stay aligned with current security and compliance best practices and standards
  • 5New technologies in Cloud, IT, OT are requiring updates to your security program

Benefits you gain with a VCISO

Dedicated focus

Have a dedicated resource focused on your unique problems and requirements

Extensive experience

Gain a wide breath of knowledge and experience with our top of the line VCISOs for specific insights on security programs

Advise of trained experts

Leverage our immense network of experts trained in building, advising, managing and skyrocketing security solutions

Save time, money and energy

The time, money and energy saved with this cost effective solution can be better used elsewhere in your business

Our VCISO solutions

Virtual Officer

Leverage on-demand expert security leadership to advance a cost-effective security program and establish clear communication with management, board of directors, investors and govt/regulators. ​

Virtual Program

Develop and charter your security program with external orchestration and leadership. Ensure you align business objectives with risk treatment that allows you to de-risk initiatives and accelerate realization of benefits/value.

Virtual Organization

Realize cost savings and acceleration of business initiatives by strengthening your existing staff with world-class cybersecurity specialists. Named resources become an extension of your organization and bring world-class talent.

Turn-Key Enterprise

A full stack security program to help you achieve an enterprise-wide view of risk, improve risk management performance, and drive better accountability. Get expert managed services, advanced analytics and integration with a global threat intelligence network.​

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VCISO Data Sheet

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