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About the Customer

A mid-sized pharmaceutical company with around $150m in revenue and
300 employees is rapidly expanding to new regions across United States
and abroad.

The Challenge

The CIO owned all IT, Infrastructure and Security for the organization. As
the company expanded, the security, compliance, and privacy
requirements became critical for business operations. The CIO required
help around mitigating risk and protecting the company from threats and
fines from HiPAA or GDPR/CCPA violations. The company had limited
security technology as well as poor process and and documentation. The
lack of security expertise on staff hindered the organization from
continued growth.

The Solution

Bride Security Advisory (BSA) provide a vCISO service, that had
previous pharmaceutical experience that could provide impact and
value quickly.

Additionally, BSA provided on-demand expert security leadership to
advance a cost-effective security program and establish clear
communication with management, board of directors, investors
and govt/regulators. Developed multi year plan for security
operation and technical capabilities as well as implement security
controls assessment aligned with industry standards.

The Results

Pharmaceutical company and Board now have a Security Program
that covers the entire portfolio and includes a robust security due
diligence process when acquiring new companies.

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