Microsoft Security Suite

Get the most out of your defender investment

Microsoft provides comprehensive and cost-effective security to protect your organization. Many clients don’t have the capacity or capabilities to identify, deploy, configure, or properly operate all the capabilities Microsoft Security provides.

BSA brings expertise and experience, matched with mature methodologies to quickly bring you the value of your existing investment.

Our Solutions: Defender, Sentinel and Entra

Security and Compliance Assessment

BSA analyzes existing Microsoft security posture, configuration, and implementation processes to address coverage and effectiveness of the Defender, Sentinel and Entra deployment to meet compliance and business objectives. BSA evaluates against your compliance/ framework requirements, identify gaps and value capture opportunities and provides a plan for remediation.

Deployment, Configuration & Optimization

BSA designs and implements Microsoft Defender, Sentinel, Entra environments based on your organization’s specific requirements along with industry best practices. If a current deployment exists, BSA evaluates and helps to optimally configure the deployment to capture the maximum value and security effectiveness from your investment.

Training and Support

BSA provides training and support for Microsoft Defender, Sentinel and Entra deployments. This service includes providing staff, end-users, and other stakeholders training on the use, operations, and management of Microsoft Security solutions.

Operations and On-Demand Expertise

BSA provides security operations and compliance support for Defender, Sentinel and Entra. BSA can customize an operational support program that will allow maximum benefit of what Microsoft offers.


  • Advisory, Managed Services, and Expert Staffing around Microsoft Solutions
  • Effective transition and implementation strategies to improve effectiveness and coverage
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Global access to accredited security professionals to meet demand
  • Private and Public Sector Experience
  • Complete security integration to leverage Microsoft E3-E5

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