Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

24/7 Cybersecurity-as-a-Service led by a vCISO

Frameworks consists of standards, guidelines, and practices to promote the protection of critical infrastructure. The prioritized, flexible, repeatable, and cost-effective approach of the proper framework helps owners and operators of critical infrastructure to manage cybersecurity-related risk.​

BSA’s framework has five components:


Cybersecurity expertise providing security expertise and guidance to your board, and other critical stakeholders – available 24×7​


Security methodology to effectively and efficiently manage risk and, in the event of a cyber incident minimize impact and ensure operational continuity​


Best-in-class technology platforms that deliver SIEM, NOC, SOC, SOAR, MDR, MTI & XDR. ESS can be extended to include IAM services, Cloud backup & recovery, OT/ICS services & comprehensive cyber-physical systems services. ​

Our Solution

1. Managed Detection & Response​

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Human security alarm triage​
  • Ransomware Detection​
  • Full Managed SOC​
  • Quarterly technical account review

2. Vulnerability Management​

  • Annual Penetration Test​
  • Application Security Assessment​
  • Quarterly Security Scanning
  • Up to 5 Perimeter Devices​
  • Up to 100 Physical/Virtual Systems​

3. vCISO Program Management

  • C-suite Alignment & Board Level Communication
  • Security Policy Gap Analysis​
  • Security Program Development​
  • 20 Hours Per Month of Support​
  • Budget & Roadmap Planning​
  • Business Stakeholder Reporting​

Key Business Outcomes

Our Solutions

Security Program Governance

Focus on current IT and OT security postures but consider developing a future model based on strategic imperatives and define related security alignment recommendations.

Organizational Governance Structure

Position transition plan and milestones with minimal disruption & cost effectiveness. Plan on a phased approach that outlines the physical and virtual planes. Prioritize business use cases to drive the milestones and transformation phases.

Risk Management Process

Identification of use-cases and requirements, testing and selection of appropriate solutions, deployment, pilot and integration into your organization’s enterprise operations.

Policy, Standards & Procedures

Focus on current IT and OT security postures, but consider developing a future model based on strategic imperatives and define related security alignment recommendations.

Reliable Process


We perform an accurate assessment of your OT & IoT security needs​


We align IoT security initiatives with enterprise​ strategying


We define a strategic step to move forward with a​ comprehensive security roadmap​

Key Business Outcomes


Gain full visibility across converged IT/OT and IoT operations

Early Identification

Identify and mitigate early-stage malicious security threats


Empower existing security programs and operations teams

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