IAM Program Rescue and Transformation

At a Glance


$22B+ Revenue


Insurance and a



About the Customer

A national health insurer supporting commercial and government contracts with a
provision of care division comprised of hospitals and clinics with over 120,000 patients and
270,000 emergency room visits a year.

The Challenge

An Identity and Access Management (IAM) organization that failed to meet obligations,
lacked automation, scored low on operational satisfaction, and lacked basic IAM

The Solution

Bridge Security Advisors (BSA) provided a quick, low-cost IAM Assessment that addressed the concerns of the overall program, enabling a multi-horizon achievable approach that reinvented the delivery of IAM services across the organization.

Like many customers the problem wasn’t technology, but substandard delivery and poor
redundant, poorly designed technology. First, BSA helped restructure the existing IAM
organization to be more efficient and service focused. Then, within the newly aligned
organization BSA consolidated technologies, introduced stronger, less intrusive
governance controls, automated services, and added new capabilities. The improved
organizational design and process allowed for efficient access requests and reviews and by
integrating AI allowed role modeling for RBAC, passwordless authentication, and stronger
vendor privilege management.

The Results

Customer satisfaction scores immediately with increased communications, security and
operational incidents fell, and SLA for provision of services were reduced by days. Delivery
efficiency, as measured by points delivered per Sprint rose by more than 50%.
The IAM program was able to define its delivery objectives and measure with a
management level balanced scorecard. New capabilities for privileged access
management, secretes management, and vendor privilege management were expanded.
The use and creation or roles were increased with an associated decrease in entitlement based provisioning other improvements decreased time to perform access requests and
reviews. The overall refined solution provided a solid foundation for more advanced
capabilities including passwordless authentication, advanced identity proofing, and fine grained access controls to support zero trust initiatives

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