GRC and Vulnerability

A structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives

Conduct workshops with Stakeholders/SME’s/System Owners. Inventory of systems, policies, procedures and controls including existing security capabilities, data protection capabilities and access controls. Impact analysis with respect to CCPA and/or GDPR from both overall enterprise perspective and individual systems. Risk ranked Plan Of Action & Milestones (POAM)

Our solutions

End point Security Risk Assessment

Create and ensure a threat detection response in accordance with required compliance. Develop a plan to protect you against an exfiltration and test it. Create maturity model for current and future state​.

Compliance Readiness Assessments

Conduct workshops and create inventory of systems, policies, procedures and controls. Impact analysis for enterprise perspective and individual systems Risk ranked Plan Of Action & Milestones (POAM).

Security Architecture Review

We perform an assessment on your current security architecture, network and processes to update and protect your critical assets for any risks and cyber attacks .

Reliable process


We create a summary of findings, observations and business prioritized maturity ratings


A customized control matirx is developed based on compliance business requirements


Immediate, resourced programs and projects are carried out and milestones are established

Key business outcomes

Risk assessment

Enforce policies for identifying risks and work to minimise any negative effects

Early identification

Identify and mitigate early-stage malicious security threats


Empower existing security programs and operations teams

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